Protein powder is one of the most widely used supplements and also one the most effective ones!

But it still is a SUPPLEMENT and cannot be relied on alone for your health. Also don’t buy into the marketing BS that protein powder will make you shredded, fit, skinny, healthy, and lose fat. It will aid in those pursuits but only when you have a good nutrition and exercise program to follow as well!

First let’s talk about the benefits of taking protein powder.

Second we’ll talk about what to look for in a protein powder.

Lastly I’ll recommend some protein powders you could purchase.

Benefit #1:

Helps you get your daily protein intake.

When Majority of my clients start to work with me I notice that they’re lacking on their protein intake.

Depending on the person, goal, training, etc. a person should be getting anywhere between 0.5g-1.2g protein per pound of lean body mass. This goal is hard for most people, especially for those who eat vegetarian/vegan based diets. Since the highest sources of protein come from animals sources.

This being said your average scoop of protein should have anywhere between 15-25g of protein per serving. Let’s say your protein goal for the day is 100g. If you take a protein powder that has 25g per serving then you’re meeting 1/4 of your protein intake with the supplement. This could make a big impact on your nutrition and your recovery from training.

Benefit #2:

Helps with Muscle Growth.

PROTEIN is ESSENTIAL to muscle growth.

MUSCLE is ESSENTIAL to a better metabolism.

METABOLISM is ESSENTIAL to a healthy/fit body.

There are countless studies that show protein supplementation significantly improves muscle size and strength in adults who person resistance training. Majority of protein powders also contain an abundance of all your Essential Amino Acids (The building blocks of muscle) which means you can throw away (or refrain from) buying BCAA’s or other Amino Acids Supplements!

Benefit #3:

Keeps you full and reduces hunger.

Protein is a large, complex molecule that takes a while for your body to breakdown and digest. Because the process requires energy and time, you will feel full while the protein is being digested. This process will also boost your metabolism.

Benefit #4:

Aids in recovery after exercise.

When you exercise you break down the muscle tissue in the body. Afterwards if your nutrition is good, your body will not only repair the muscle tissue but make a stronger, bigger, and more resilient muscle. Protein is an essential component in this recovery.

Many studies conclude that taking a protein supplement (or just any protein source) after a workout will reduce muscle damage, improve muscle performance, and muscle protein synthesis.

Benefit #5:

Helps reduce cravings.

We already talked about how protein reduces hunger, but since majority of protein powder are sweet, I’ve found that protein supplements help reduce cravings. Especially the sweet tooth many people have.

Protein powders come in many different flavors like chocolate but also like birthday cake. Not only can you make shakes with your protein supplement, you can also bake and cook with it. Making protein cookies, pancakes, muffins, brownies, etc. This helps you reduce cravings from unhealthy foods and make a healthier alternative.


Heres a short list of what you should look to in a protein powder:

Protein type:

Whey protein: This is widely known as the superior protein powder, but be careful it’s a milk based protein. Some people have issues digesting this protein, especially if it’s not high quality. When buying a whey protein look for “Whey protein isolate”.

Plant based powder: Plant-based powder is a good alternative for vegans and/or lactose intolerants. The most important thing to consider is to get a plant protein with multiple sources of plants. This ensures you’re getting all your essential Amino Acids. Best blends usually contain 3+ sources. Brown rice, pea, hemp, soy, etc.

Protein per serving:

15-25g of protein per servings is best for most people.

Serving size:

To ensure you’re getting protein and not fillers you want to make sure the serving size is close to the protein amount per serving.

Example: if it has 20g of protein but it’s a 40g serving size, that means that 20g is fillers, sugar, carbs, etc. You want the serving size and grams of protein to be as close as possible.


The less the better. This should be self explanatory.

Grass fed Cows > Normal cows.

Organic Plants > Regular plants.

It’s okay if it has artificial flavors if taste is most important.

My Top Protein Powder Recommendations

Muscle Feast Whey Protein Blend

Why I like this one?

Grass fed cows, great protein blend, super CHEAP, Lab tested.

Truly a superior protein powder option, though the taste isn't the best.


PEScience Select Vegan and Whey Protein

Why I like this one?

One of the best TASTING proteins out there!!

Vegan options, great flavors, decent ingredients, GREAT mixibility.

More on the Pricey end though.



Legion Whey+ Whey Protein Isolate

Why I like this one?

One of the highest quality proteins out there.

Grass fed, naturally sweetened, Lab tested, Great taste.

On the pricey side but worth it.


Garden of life sport: Organic Plant Protein Powder

Why I like this one?

Top shelf plant protein powder!

COMPLETELY Organic, 30g of protein, Great blend of plant proteins, Completely natural flavoring.

Pricey but this is very high quality.