High Performance Habits Book Review

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Habit's are HOT baby!

I feel as if everyone is talking about them, writing about them, trying them, failing them, etc.

And for good reason! Habits account for 40% of our daily behavior!

Now a LOT of books and people talk about habits but this book is a little different!

The author Brendon Burchard is an #1 New York Times best-selling author and branded as "the world's leading high performance coach." He works with some of the biggest leaders in the world!

This book has "Habits" in the name but the book is more about How to become a high performer in every area of life!


Before we dive into the book, he has tons of resources that go along with the book including the High Performance Indicator Assessment, High performance tools, and his High performance planner (Which I also did a review on). I would definitely check out this resources to get the most out of the book. Most of them are all free!

Now let's hop into the book!


Summary of the book:

The book is broken down into the 6 HPH, which are:

1) Seek Clarity

2) Generate Energy

3) Raise Necessity

4) Increase Productivity

5) Develop influence

6) Demonstrate Courage

The book starts by telling you what a high performer is and what it isn't but then backs it up with data and research. The chapters begin with a story example and ends with prompts you can actually fill out in the book or download the worksheets online.

Each habit is backed with science but also has multiple anecdotes that make it easier to understand!

Readability: 8.5/10

The words and verbiage of the book is simple and easy to understand.

The dialogue is easily identified in the book, quotes are scattered to break up long text, the use of bullet points, italics, boxes and graphs make the book easy to identify main points and take notes.

Overall the book is easy to read and easy to read fast!

Score: 8.5/10

Value: 9.5/10

If you take advantage of all the free resources that comes along with the book then this set can easily be the only book you read and change much of your professional life.

But even the book alone offers tons of value and get's you to think "Wow that's me, thats how I feel, thats how I want to feel, thats how I want to live". I took PAGES of notes and spent months dissecting this book!

It's truly Invaluable if you're and entrepreneur or a go getter.

Score: 9.5/10

Length: 7.5/10

The book is 342 pages without summary and End notes. (Which the summary and end notes are some of the best i've seen in a book)

The book can feel long at some points but the way the book is designed helps you catch your breathe so you don't feel like you're just reading long page after page! I think it's almost the perfect length.

It definitely could be shorter and the energy started to die out towards the end.

Score: 7.5/10

Story Flow: 8.5/10

Brendon is a writer. You can feel that in this book. The story flows well and the habits tie into each other which is the main part of the story.

When you do one habit well usually the other ones are affected by it. But like I said the energy starts to die out towards the end and could have potentially been better. But the use of stories both personally and of his clients makes it much easier to relate to. Some day's I couldn't put the book down and could hear myself saying "Oh that's good" out-loud.

It was a fun book to read and a book I looked forward to reading.

Score: 8.5/10

End score: 8.5/10

Who should read this book? - Go-getters, entrepreneurs, business owners, people who want to live a higher standard of life, people who don't know what to do, career focused, wholistic people.

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