8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

female on scale not losing weight

Few things are more frustrating than putting your full effort into something and not seeing a result from it! Especially when it comes to something so personal like your body.

According to Boston Medical Center, Americans Spend $33 BILLION (Yes, BILLION) each year on weight loss products. Even with all that spending nearly 2/3 of Americans are STILL obese (sounds like a waste of money).

Now maybe you’re not obese and just wanna lose 10, 20, okay 30 extra pounds of fluff that you put on during the past few years (or during the Covid pandemic). You’ve heard things like “Calories in vs. Calories out” or “This diet will help you lose 20 pounds fast” but you think you’ve tried it all and still no weight loss.

After training over 150 clients over the past 5 years I’ve heard the classic “I’ve tried everything to lose weight” plea but in most situations, that’s not the truth.

Here are the 8 most common reasons you’re not seeing weight loss:

fit thin woman measuring herself